Halal Food Services & F&B
This informative workshop covers the best Halal practices for food services, culinary and food and beverages industry. The modules cover the importance of Halal concept from Shariah perspective, the application of Halal standard, the requirement for Halal certification and processing as well as logistics in the Halal food production. This informative workshop provides are intensive knowledge on the overall best Halal practices for the manufacturers to produce high quality Halal products for the ever demanding global Halal food market. This will be added value for participants who are working on food premise industry.
Learning Outcome
At the end of this training programme, participants will be able to:
- Understand the fundamental of Halal and Haram from Shariah perspective.
- Understand the issue on Halal kitchen and premises.
Programme Outline
- Understand Halal and Haram in Islam.
- Concept of Slaughtering.
- Halal Governance.
- Halal Assurance Management System.
- Introduction to Halal Standard.
- Introduction to Halal Ingredient and Sources.
- Introduction of Food Service Management.

PROGRAMME DATE: 25-27 September 2018