Halal Cosmetic And Personal Care
Just as Muslims are concerned about what food they consume, Muslims as increasingly aware that the products they use which are absorbed into the body may not be Halal. Such concerns have given rise to Halal cosmetics, which contain ingredients that are religiously permissible and not derived from porcine or cochineal.
Learning Outcome
At the end of this training programme, participants will be able to:
- Understand the fundamental of Halal and Haram in Islam.
- Understand the development of Halal cosmetic and personal care products.
- Understand the Halal auditing on cosmetic industry.
Programme Outline
- Understand Halal and Haram in Islam.
- Halal Governance.
- Halal Assurance Management System.
- Introduction to Halal Standard.
- Introduction to Halal Cosmetic.
- Halal Analysis: Introduction to Alcohol & Hand-on.
- Halal Analysis: Gelatine.
- Halal Audit Management: Cosmetic.

PROGRAMME DATE: 25-27 September 2018