About ScoreXcess

CEDAR has vast experience in facilitating and advising the micro and small entrepreneurs on financing and understands the complications associated with it. As such, we have created an all in one solution that simplifies the application process and assists with increasing loan efficiency. The system integrates an advanced and secure platform which includes our Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and alternate credit score that provide another angle of an SME’s credit worthiness. The scoreXcess AI capability facilitates data-driven decisions while delivering lean and fast approval process.

ScoreXcess is an all in one solution designed to revolutionize the microfinancing industry in Malaysia. We have developed an online lead generating system that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Our industry knowledge has allowed us to build the system to seamlessly replace the outdated and unsecure processes. We have conducted several in depth studies to identify the key features that micro and small enterprise applicants need in a solution and these are:

+ Convenience
+ Simplified application process
+ Faster loan approval

Convenience is an essential component to our solution which is why ScoreXcess allows applicants to apply from anywhere with access to the internet. We have developed a secure way of saving your personal data which means that you only need to fill in your information once. Using our simplified forms, the applicant can apply for several loans easily. The integrated advanced AI, ML and alternate credit scoring enable the pre-screening of applicants to speed up the process.

Once the applicants submit the application, they will be able to monitor the status of their application using our ScoreXcess portal and mobile app throughout the approval process. This will help the applicants plan their finances as they can see if their loans are being processed or have been declined in real time.