Entrepreneur Development Programmes
CEDAR complements the role of the SME Bank Malaysia by offering unique effective entrepreneur development and coaching programmes. The objective of these programmes is to enable entrepreneurs to realise the business, creating values and sustaining their growth in a holistic and meaningful way. Developed upon its proprietary wide-based industry research, market-findings as well as real-life case studies, CEDAR's programmes are distinct from the numerous generic market programmes offered by the other institutions. Our public programmes are HRDF claimable under the SBL Scheme.
GROW Coaching
Customized GROW! Coaching
Being an entrepreneur sometimes can feel very lonely when encountering rough waters. It helps to have an experienced friend to discuss and solve the problem.

CEDAR provides personalised business coaching that helps you tackle the core cause of your business problem and provide fresh insights to grow your business.

SEW - Credit Securing Strategies
SMEs Enrichment Workshop - Credit Securing Strategies
You have an idea for a startup or business expansion, but you’ll need more than just ambition to make it a reality. You’ll need cash. Learn how to prepare an effective, well-documented commercial financing proposal to get the money your business needs from the banks.
(Price including meals, training materials and certificates)

SEW - Accounting for Business Owner
SMEs Enrichment Workshop - Accounting for Business Owners
Monitor and predict your business operating costs, cash flows and financial performance, improve your budgeting. Our course will guide non-financial business owners and entrepreneurs who need good foundation to help plan and control business operations and finance.
(Price including meals, training materials and certificates)

SEW - Business Model Innovation
SMEs Enrichment Workshop - Business Model Innovation
Is it getting harder to maintain margins in your business? Excess supply and stiff competition make it hard to raise or hold prices - You’re not alone. Business model innovations are becoming increasingly important due to strong competition. In our course, you will engage with business model design including digital, innovation, differentiation, diversification and disruptive business. You will identify a focused selection of high-potential opportunities to apply business model innovation to your company.
(Price including meals, training materials and certificates)

SEW - Belanjawan Perniagaan
The budgeting training course will help demystify the world of budgeting. It will also provide participants with the techniques and confidence to manage and control their budget effectively. Our budgeting courses explain financial terms and budgeting tools in a way that a non-financial person will understand and relate to, in their own line of work. The trainer will also use “real life” examples and case studies and encourage participants to work in small groups, whilst enjoying the subject!
(Price including meals, training materials and certificates)

SEW - Pengurusan Aliran Tunai
Cash management is the key to business success. Small businesses often find themselves short of cash right off the mark. Cash is the single most important element of survival for a small business. Small businesses often say that an inability to control cash is their single biggest problem. This program shows how small businesses can manage their cashflows smartly and correctly to be able to survive.
(Price including meals, training materials and certificates)

SEW - Kemahiran Kepimpinan Untuk Penyelia
Leadership skills can be learned and developed. Leadership is an essential skill for all supervisors and managers, especially if you are new to the job. Truly successful supervisors and managers don’t “boss” their employees; they lead them. Through our programme, you will explore how effective leadership can motivate employees to perform at their best. And find out how effective leadership can help you achieve goals and meet your company’s productivity, quality, service, and safety standards.
(Price including meals, training materials and certificates)

SEW - Orientasi Pekerja Baru
This programme offers alternative ways to orient employees to new companies. The workshop allows participants to meet other new employees as well as to network with upper management and work peers. The group activities explain how to present information about new companies to new employees.
(Price including meals, training materials and certificates)