Rich Entrepreneurs, Poor Entrepreneurs

Have you ever met a rich entrepreneur? I’m sure you have. Have you also met a struggling entrepreneur? I’m sure you also have. Ever wonder why some people hit a pot of gold while others hit the wall?

Well, rich entrepreneurs love selling all the time while their poor counterparts consider selling as a low-skill affair. Poor entrepreneurs start a business but leave the selling job to others. On the other hand, rich entrepreneurs know selling is part of the CEO’s job.

Tan Sri Tony Fernandes is a great example of CEO who loves selling. He gives speeches all the time. He sells his AirAsia brand at any given opportunity. To him, selling is important and selling never stops.

Rich entrepreneurs have a DO mindset. Poor entrepreneurs have a HOPE mindset. They harbour hope that the government will launch some grants for them, that the government will loom after their interest, or the market will always favour them.

Why do rich entrepreneurs set their sail and indulge in massive action? Because that’s the only way he can find out if his plan can work out and if it doesn’t, he’s to improve on the activity and strategy to ensure it works.

Merely sitting around chatting, gossiping and complaining is what kept struggling entrepreneurs struggling. Stop hoping and do something different fast!
Rich entrepreneurs believe in education while poor entrepreneurs think they know it all. As the rich have taken massive action, they learn through experience. There are countless stories of entrepreneurs without any formal education, yet they ended up building super large companies. Education here doesn’t only mean studying in school. It can be taken to mean learning from personal experience or that of others. Poor entrepreneurs pursued a similar path, hoping it will work because they have seen it all, know it all, and done it all. Unfortunately, the life lesson they have learnt is inadequate to sustain their ultimate goals.

Rich entrepreneurs focus on their visions. Poor entrepreneurs focus on the past. Regardless whether the past is good or bad, anyone who focuses on past glories will never make breakthroughs. Successful people live in the present but focus on the future.

We focus on what we want to achieve by living and nurturing our dreams. Business tycoons keep growing their empire because they don’t want to get complacent over their past achievements. Rich entrepreneurs also have big visions. There is nothing wrong with wanting to achieve small goals except that it has no ‘cannon power’. Finally, rich entrepreneurs surround themselves with fellow rich entrepreneurs. Poor entrepreneurs, on the contrary, mix around with fellow poor entrepreneurs.

People tend to be with others who are like themselves because it reflects social context and social engagement. If a struggling entrepreneur mixes with a rich one, the rich one might be talking about investment whereas the poor one may just be busy wanting to pay the bills.

Because of contextual issues, the poor ones choose to stay with their own level of comfortable conversations. I was very fortunate because when I was in my early 20s, I attended lots of personal development seminars on my own. There, I met lots of people who were way better than I was. I simply love being around them because they talked business, motivation and ideas about spurring growth.

Such is the type of high level conversations I love. So, start mixing around with high level people!