Boost Your Business with
Powerful Digital Marketing Strategies
Learn how to promote your business effectively online and develop a targeted online marketing strategy that engages potential customers throughout the digital landscape.

In this course, it will explains today’s digital marketing techniques in simple terms, demonstrating how to build a successful online marketing campaign for all digital channels: search, video, social, email, and display. It’s shows how to evaluate your website and identify conversion goals, measure and interpret website analytics, get the most out of SEO, and set up your first text and display ads.

See how to connect with communities on the leading social networks, learn best practices for developing and distributing video marketing content, and find out what makes an email marketing campaign successful. The course also covers content marketing and mobile marketing, as well as recommendations for expanding your digital marketing skill set.
• Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
• Sales people, Consultants and Sales Representatives
• Account Managers, Relationship Managers and Those Leading Sales Teams
• Anyone Looking to Develop Their Digital Marketing Capabilities
After completing the course, you will be able to:
• Acquire more qualified prospects
• Increase conversion rate
• Develop your online brand by creating and promoting relevant content
• Build solid relationships online, ensuring client satisfaction and repeat business
• Adapt tone, style and type of your content based on your target audience